Why Exclusion Ideology is Invalid and the Mistake of its Opponents

Now, let me make this abundantly clear here in the beginning.

Any ideology that has a basis in exclusion is ultimately invalid as it is inherently limiting in application.  If your very premise begins deficient, it will never see positive fruition.  When deconstructed, any exclusion ideology is simply an example of primitive thought.

“Ugh, you are not just like me, so I hate/fear you,” said the Neanderthal.

At this point we may present any number of exclusion ideologies – racism, homophobia, jingoism, sexism, religious fundamentalism, etc.  All are similar, with perpetuating cycles of vilifying others for their differences while simultaneously celebrating the self.  This concept is key.  Once an individual has incorrectly allowed themself to adopt an exclusion ideology, they begin traveling down the so-called “slippery slope.”  If one exclusion protocol is found acceptable, then more will seem reasonable as well.  An example would be someone’s progress from “I dislike all people of an African heritage” to “I dislike all people who are not of my exact heritage.”  Excessive illogical deductions accepted as truth will eventually result in insane delusions accepted as truth.


The definition of ignorance is “uneducated and/or without knowledge.”  Those who truly support any of the many exclusion ideologies are rarely ignorant by this definition.  They have actively chosen to adopt this mindset and no amount of new information will alter their skewed perception.  The truly ignorant are unaware they are ignorant, not conscious of statements or actions that may resemble exclusive ideologies, and can change with the correct guidance.

The one thing opponents of exclusion ideologies have in common with supporter is a knee-jerk reaction to the expression of others.  While espousing views of unity, they will on occasion be the first to denounce another for the mistake of ignorance.  Instead of attempting to inform the individual, they instead assume an offensive posture and do little more than reinforce the burgeoning viewpoint in the ignorant person.  One does not “kill homophobia,” one teaches those suffering from the initial stages of its invalidity that it is a form of primitive thought and why.

Humanity is an evolving species, through both nature and nurture.  We are imperfect creatures and should not hold others to unrealistic standards we know ourselves incapable of attaining.  That is not to say we should not strive for a better world, a better society.  Before you condemn another for their difference or for what you perceive as condemnation, examine your own flaws.

Perhaps in the end, it will be all our common flaws that will unite us.


Brian Fatah Steele, co-founder of Dark Red Press, is the author of In Bleed Country, Further Than Fate and Petty Like A God. His latest series, The Chaos Narratives, will be published under the Dark Red Press imprint.

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